The Best Moment

Everyone lives for the good times. The moments we can look back on and remember fondly. Everyone loves making memories and the idea of making the most of their lives. But the most important moment in anyone’s life, is the present. You shouldn’t live just for extravagance. Yes, vacations are amazing and something to look forward to, but just because you’re not on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be free still. Make the best of where you are right now. …

You want to live a successful life. You’ve always dreamed of being a writer. Or getting that hot bod. Or getting that promotion. You wanna pay off that debt. But you don’t do it. Why? Probably one of two reasons.

  1. “It’s complicated.” There are so many things to do, so much to learn, so much information to juggle. So many steps you need to make.
  2. It takes a lot of work. Cutting down to get chiseled abs requires a lot of work to achieve and maintain.

I’m here to tell you why failing due to scenario 1 is foolish and…

Almost every self-improvement guru says create a personal mission. Something that drives you to move forward, to unlock your full potential. Twitter gurus say to say this mission to yourself daily. Jordan Peterson says to imagine the highest goal, orient yourself towards it, and good things will fall into place. Obviously, there’s got to be something to that. On the other hand however, the zen/buddhist/taoist philosophies would say to eliminate your desires, because desire leads to suffering.

One school of thought focuses on desires, while the other on stamping out desires. I believe there’s a way to blend these opposing…

Procrastination: the action of postponing or delaying something.

Everybody procrastinates on some level. You’ve either got a project due that you haven’t begun, or there’s a test you haven’t started studying for. You may have not taken out the trash, filled up your gas tank, or gone grocery shopping. The list goes on and on. You’re always waiting until the last minute to get things done. There’s a reason for this. The thought of the big project you have due stresses you out. So instead of tackling the project head on, you do something else to get your mind off…


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